Day 142 – True Confessions

#BeTrueToYou 157-day no makeup challenge #Day142

Only two weeks left to go on this challenge but I have a confession to make. I started using makeup again a couple weeks ago after I started my new job. Truth is I wanted to look my best and feel confident, and I thought makeup would help me feel more capable because when I look good, I feel good, and I can be at my best.

Even though I didn’t succeed in completing my challenge, I did succeed in learning a lot about myself in the process. One of the things I learned is that makeup isn’t the enemy, it is my self doubt that makes me suceptable to criticism and ridicule for being me. And that’s no longer acceptable. I may continue to use makeup my entire life but it won’t define me. And I discovered just how beautiful I am underneath the makeup. I have a great skin regimen I picked up that keeps my skin looking radiant and soft to the touch. It may never be perfect, but it works for me.

I hope that I was able to inspire at least one person to challenge themselves to look in the mirror and see the beauty rather than what they want to change.

Thanks for whoever was reading. Good luck and STAY BEAUTIFUL!


Day 113 – Lovely and Loving it!


#BeTrueToYou 157-day no makeup challenge #Day113

Hello gorgeous ladies!

Just stopped by to remind you to keep on keeping on. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Seeing is believing. And I believe beauty comes from confidence.

Have you found your skin regimen yet? It’s not too late!

Day 101 – After 100 Days of No Makeup, My Skin Has Never Looked Better!


#BeTrueToYou 157-day no makeup challenge #Day101

It has been 100 days since I started this challenge. It’s been increasing difficult to refrain from relying on makeup to enhance my beauty and mask my imperfections. In truth, I have never felt more beautiful. My skin as improved it’s look and feel thanks to my daily cleanse and moisturizing routine. This challenge has truly been eye opening and enlightening. I encourage all women to take a break from makeup every now and then just as a reminder that you are beautiful exactly the way you are, flaws and all.


Day 78 – Welcome Back

Dear readers,

I took a brief hiatus from writing daily in the Be True To You blog. I was dealing with some personal things. But during the past couple weeks, I have still been continuing with the challenge. Still going all natural, still letting my beauty shine through! 🙂

Thank you so much for those who have been following along and I will make sure to keep you updated and informed on my progress during this challenge and provide helpful tips on going natural. Stay beautiful!


#BeTrueToYou 157-day no makeup challenge #Day78