Day 1 – Taking It All Off

Taking it off

Many Black women (myself included) are choosing to wear their hair naturally. The growing trend now is to chop off the relaxed, damaged, and dyed hair, throw out the flat irons, tear out the weaves and start using organic hair care products to enhance our natural waves and curls. Volume is in, my friends!

It got me to thinking, though. If we are willing to let our ethnic beauty shine through wild, untamed hair, maybe we should start exhibiting the same confidence with our skin. I say it’s time to dump the Cover Girl and replace her with all-natural moisturizers and skin creams. Give your pores a break!

I started wearing makeup when I was 18. Eight years later, I am noticing how difficult it is for me to leave the house without putting on a little foundation, blush, and eyeliner. More often than not, I feel pale and self-conscious without my makeup on. TV commercials, magazines, and society as a whole are constantly drilling into our brains that we need cosmetics to make us feel pretty. But the strongest pressure we feel that keeps us spending money on pounds and pounds of animal lard, comes from within.

And so, I decided to challenge myself to be different. For the next 5 months, I am giving it up. No makeup of any kind for 157 days, no exceptions. I invite you bold and sexy ladies to join me in what I aptly named the “Be True To You Challenge”. Let’s redefine what true beauty means.

Dare to be yourself!!

Any takers? ??


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