Day 5 – Finding Your Personal Skin Regimen


#BeTrueToYou 157-day no makeup challenge #Day5.

We are well aware how sensitive our skin is. The wrong skin care products can cause breakouts, rashes, and other forms of irritation. Which is why it is important to figure out a skin care routine that works specifically for your needs. Do you have oily skin? Dry, itchy skin? Sensitive skin? Knowing that is key to discovering what type of treatment you need.

I am 26 years old and I don’t yet have a daily routine for my face. When I had bad acne I would use Proactive to tame the embarrassing bumpy redness that exploded on my face. I remember being very shy because I was self-conscious about my appearance. They even used to call me “pizza face” which didn’t help my confidence. But Proactive definitely helped. It wasn’t a miracle worker but it did help clear my skin and at the very least make my skin feel clean and refreshed. However all of my acne didn’t go away until I reached my twenties. But I wish I would have stuck to a day-to-day regiment to improve the look and feel of my skin.

The point in finding your skin routing is to become less reliant on makeup to enhance your beauty and confident with the skin you have. For the next few months or 152 days, I am going to try out several different cleansers, moisturizers, and home remedies and report back as to which ones work for me!

So far I’ve been using AVEENO which has it’s benefits. But let’s see what else is out there…

I encourage you to find your skin regimen too, if you haven’t already. You can still join my 157-Day no makeup challenge and try out a new product with me every week. On Thursday, I am doing the avocado mask.

#BeTrueToYou #Day5


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