Day 8 – How Does HE Feel About No Makeup?

no makeup

#BeTrueToYou 157-Day no makeup challenge #Day8.

While I am still getting used to the no makeup look, my boyfriend insists that I “look better without makeup”. I am sure many of us ladies have heard the same tune from men in our lives who try to convince us that they are fond of the all-natural look. But is he lying?

That’s why I designed the 3-date rule. Before I started this 157-day challenge, I created a third date rule. (No it”s not what you think.) Whenever I would just start dating someone, on the third date, I would not wear any makeup, just to gage his reaction. Most men, didn’t even comment or notice. But the one who looked at me and told me how beautiful I was, was the keeper! I am a big fan of testing your man. Nothing wrong with putting him through the ringer to make sure he’s real!


Studies have shown that most men prefer for a woman to not wear too much makeup or none at all. However, it is all about that specific woman looks without makeup. The typical man is looking for a “natural” beauty who looks flawless and her makeup is invisible. All that means is, he wants you to LOOK natural without you really BEING natural. That’s why when he sees Beyonce on TV he can’t stop staring at her and forgets you’re even in the room.

For some us, natural means acne, acne scars, dark spots, pale skin, uneven skin tone, bags…the list goes on and on. When we are constantly comparing ourselves to the gorgeous women in television and magazines (who are wearing tons of makeup by the way), then of course we feel like we need to step up our game and use makeup to even the odds. Well, sorry ladies but it is a losing battle. I personally have never gotten my makeup professionally done, but I sat there and watched how it transforms you. It is a time-consuming process that takes and ordinary woman and turns her into glam goddess. It’s AMAZING! But unfortunately it’s not real. That is why I urge you to put him to the test ladies!

If he tells you he likes a woman who is all-natural, then the next time you see him, show up without any makeup whatsoever. No eyeliner, no lipstick or gloss, no blush, no mascara, no primer, and NO foundation! Be confident. See if he notices. Does he compliment you? If he has a negative reaction…dump him! And find a guy who really does appreciate your natural beauty.






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