Day 26 – Putting It All Out There

#BeTrueToYou 157-day no makeup challenge #Day26

Being true to you means being confident enough to put it all out there for others to see. By “it” I mean yourself, your face, your beauty, your style, your intelligence, your beliefs, your personality…everything you have to offer to others.

Of course, putting yourself out there means being vulnerable and opening yourself up to criticism and ridicule. Well, today I decided to put it all out there. Hopefully, you all can lead by example and have the confident to put yourself out there as well.

A week ago I started using Burt’s Bees facial cleanser. Burt’s Bees is an all-natural product and smells like chamomile. Others have noticed a change in my appearance and I notice a difference it the way it feels. But how much of a difference has it made in a week? I took some pictures and put it to you all to decide.





It’s clear I have blemishes, acne scars, redness, and bumps in both pictures. But my skin does appear to have cleared up a bit from what I can tell. Anyone care to venture an opinion?

Don’t worry I can take it!

I dare you to post a picture of yourself on social media sites without makeup. You may be amazed at the number of positive responses and support you will get!


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