Day 3 – How Much Are You Willing to Spend on Beauty?

Spending too much money on makeup? Try going without out it for a month or two and see how much you save!


Too much on makeup

157-day #BeTrueToYou Challenge. Day 3. Still not wearing makeup. Still kinda missing it. But one good thing about this challenge is knowing I will save quite a bit of money over the next few months.

I was doing some research and as it turns out, American spends over 33 billion dollars a year on cosmetics (that’s more than we spend a year on cars AND TVs).

Turns out the average girl starts wearing makeup at 13. Girls ages 13 to 17 end up spending over 100 million on makeup as a collective group.

But what about our individual pockets? Well, the average female who uses makeup on a regular basis ends up spending about $15,000 in her lifetime. That’s a whole lot of dough. I’m sure many would agree that is a small price to pay for beauty.

After all, there are millions of people willing to go under the…

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