Day 4 – WARNING: Cosmetics Can Cause Cancer!

Cosmetics Causing Cancer! Even more reason to take it off!


beauty is self confidence

#BeTrueToYou 157-day Challenge. Day 4

Apparently, there is a such thing as too much makeup. Studies have shown that prolonged use of cosmetics can cause an array of unexpected and unwelcome side-effects from acne to cancer.

Yes, that’s right CANCER! Ingredients like retinol, barium sulphate, zinc oxide, and BHA can be found inside our makeup bag may result in skin allergies, reproductive problems, and different types of cancer.


That ruby red lipstick you like to use are your secret wrap could contain aluminum which causes anemia and glucose intolerance.


The bacteria found in our mascara may even cause blindness. Other problems like headaches, wrinkles, and respiratory diseases are also possible side effects.

Some doctors recommend using makeup in moderation to avoid these health risks. At the very least, please do your research before you buy these products and try to find cosmetics that do not contain any or most…

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