Day 6 – All-Natural Beauty Enhancers

Enhancing your natural beauty can be as easy as eating more fruits and veggies and adding vitamins and other supplements to your diet. Looking good while being healthy. That’s the dream! #BTTY


#BeTrueToYou 157-Day no makeup challenge #Day6

Mama always told you to eat your fruits and vegetables. Well she was right! Most fruits, vegetables, and even certain meats are not only good for our bodies, they’re also great for our skin! 

There are a lot of treatment options for those of you who took my challenge, or for those who simply want to go all-natural. (

Here are some vitamins and anti-oxidants can improve the look and quality of your skin:

1. Vitamins C and E – Start Juicing!

These vitamins can help protect you against sun damage. You can incorporate some these foods in your diet to increase your vitamin C and E intake or simply buy the supplements when you go grocery shopping.


2.  Selenium – For Younger Looking Skin

May reverse discoloration and wrinkles that is associated with aging. Antioxidant that actually speeds up your natural…

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