Day 50 – Be True To You Milestone

#BeTrueToYou 157-day no makeup challenge #Day50

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 50 days since I began this challenge. Here is a glimpse at some of my posts from the past several weeks.

be true to you day 50 highlights

When I began this challenge, I said that I wanted to prove to myself and others that beauty is not makeup, but rather confidence in yourself. And since that time, it has been a struggle for me to put this philosophy into action. But I have succeeded in my quest thus far. I have not applied makeup of any kind…no foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, or blush for 50 WHOLE days. This is an accomplishment for me.

So what have I learned during this time?

Well, besides the fact that it takes me a lot less time to get ready now then it did when I was wearing makeup, I’ve learned a lot about skin care and using natural products that improve the look and feel of your skin. Because I stopped using cover up to hide my blemishes, I have been taking better care of my face. I use Burt’s Bees Natural Essential Facial Cleanser to wash my face in the morning and I use Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Vegetable bar soap to wash my face at night before I go to bed.

I can’t say this challenge has solved all my problems and alleviated my insecurities, but it has forced me to be real with myself and take a hard look at my values. I, like most, am guilty of being superficial and judging others based on their looks. But the one I judge most harshly is myself. There are times, when I get down on myself about my looks, and all that I feel I am lacking. My nose is too big, my eyes are too slanted, my skin is too light and pale, my teeth are crooked…just to name a few. But there comes a point when you have to stop questioning why God make you this way and criticizing yourself for the way you look and simply accept you for the you that you are.

That, of course, is easier said then done. But there is one woman who, despite the odds, has completely embraced her looks and her individuality. Her name is Harnaam Kaur, she is 23-years-old and she has a full beard.


Harnaam was born with polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes excessive hair growth. She’s spent most of her life juggling different waxes and shaving creams to rid herself of the hair and was relentlessly bullied by classmates. But she made the decision to let her facial and chest hair grow out, and says that she’s never felt more feminine. You can see more about out her story here.

It is inspirational to see how a woman like Harnaam turned her circumstance into triumph and came out on top because she believes herself to be beautiful no matter what the outside world thinks.

Ultimately, the person we need to win over with our looks is ourself. And Harnaam has done that. I think we can all take a lesson from her, and be confident in our beauty both inside and out.

That is what “Be True To You” means and that is what this challenge is about. Embracing yourself and believing in your beauty, even when others tell you differently, and most importantly when you have doubts about yourself. It is time for a makeover, a makeover of the mind.

It is a long journey. We won’t be able to give our minds a makeover overnight, but it will take a lifetime to reprogram our brains into believing that, flaws and all, we are beautiful. If you have to say it aloud everyday, then do so, “I AM BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT MAKEUP!”

Believe it, receive it, achieve it.



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