Day 56 – Self-Deprecation? Guilty…


#BeTrueToYou 157-day no makeup challenge #Day56

It is a cold hard fact that we all, at one time or another, have gotten ridiculed for our looks. No matter how cute a kid you were, there was at least one person who found something wrong with you and make sure you knew about it. I personally became very self-aware during middle school because that was the time when I was criticized and made fun of the most. In middle school, I learned that I had hairy legs when I was called out in gym class for not shaving them; I learned that I have crooked fingers when a young boy told me how ugly they were; I learned that I wasn’t considered full black when I was ridiculed for my light skin and repeatedly called “white girl”.

Once I got to high school, I was so self-conscious and worried what others would say about me or think of me. It didn’t help that, there was a whole new set of peers around who found all new things to point out to me about my looks: my crooked teeth, my acne, my wild hair…you name it. After a while, I would get down on myself about the characteristics that others took issue with. It took years for me to be comfortable enough with myself to exercise any type of self-confidence.

I honestly believe that it is from the opinions of others that we begin to see ourselves in a different light. The negative views of others tends to cast this dark shadow of doubt over ourselves and we begin to question everything that makes us who we are. It’s sad really, because if you think about it, if no one ever told you that you had an imperfection, you would probably go through life believing you were perfect. Negativity is very powerful and sometimes all-consuming. Positivity works the same way. If you were told that you are beautiful, every single day of your life, then you would have no choice to believe it.

Unfortunately, the negativity seems to take hold of us more so then the positive views. So much in fact that we will take to heart the criticisms and mocking of others. I know I definitely did. I would beat up on myself about things others had previously made fun of me for. I made a point to let others know I knew about all my flaws before they had a chance to mock me for them. This, unfortunately, is a burden many of us carry. A way to beat others to the punch, so to speak. But I am here to tell you that is NOT the way. It is unhealthy and it only makes you feel worse about yourself.

Rather, combat the negativity of others with positive thinking and speaking. Turn your so-called flaws and imperfections into treasures unique to only you. That mole on your cheek isn’t a blemish but rather a beauty mark, a way of distinguishing yourself from the next person. It is a day to day struggle and lifetime journey to erase the scars that others carelessly left us with. But it is worth it when you are able to feel good about being yourself.

That is what my blog is about. Not just about not wearing makeup for a few months, but about self-discovery and appreciating all the little things that make me who I am. It is about accepting myself completely, flaws and all, and loving myself inside and out, unconditionally. It may sound corny to some, but it important for ALL.




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